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About Us

Egate Service Center Sdn Bhd is a local company providing service in computer and notebook repair. Our excellent service was rewarded with accolades such as the "The Best Service in Laptop Repair Service Center Sector" category for Asia Success Award 2010/2011. Apart from providing excellent service to our customers, we also serve as agents to other computer outlets in Malaysia. The price and service we offer are always very competitive in the market.


Apart from repairing computer, Egate also sells various computer hardware and accessories. We are very experienced and knowledgeable with the hardware and spare parts of different brands. We are also very open-minded and optimistic with all the challenges faced by us, our customers and agents. Any problems will always be amicably resolved, hence our assurance of good quality service.


Egate also belives in providing the best support and maintenance, by regularly following-up on the cases of repair, our customers will know the latest status of the serviced computers. Egate targets to be a responsible company that provides prompt and good quality service. The company aims to be known as the best company locally and internationally, in the area of computer servicing and hardware sale.


Our Mission